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5 in 1 Opener is a must for every kitchen! Popular for its 5-in-1 versatility. Opens all varieties of snap bottle caps, twist caps, beverage cans and jars with equal ease and speed. Dishwasher safe.

The Easy On, Easy Off Sock Aid Kit is the most complete system on the market.




The IMAK®Active Gloves help encourage
a healthy lifestyle by relieving aches, pains
and stiffness associated with hand pain.
Press "IMAK Active Arthritis Glove" above for measurment information.
  IMAK ACTIVE Arthritis Glove-SMALL  $29.95
  IMAK ACTIVE Arthritis Glove-MEDIUM  $29.95
  IMAK ACTIVE Arthritis Glove-LARGE  $29.95

Slip on Shoes easily without bending over!

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