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Open bottles, pill caps with ease.

Little pressure needed-no gripping necessary

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Unique contour design provides comfort to help minimize stiffness and aid proper circulation. Adjustable leg strap with velcro closure keeps pillow in place while it reduces pressure on knees, hips and spine. Place pillow between your knees while sleeping or resting on your side. 7" long, 4" high and 5" wide.
  Thermoskin Knee Wrap - Small  $34.95
  Thermoskin Knee Wrap - Medium  $34.95
  Thermoskin Knee Wrap - Large  $34.95
  Thermoskin Knee Wrap - XLarge  $34.95

Microwave Activated Deep Penetrating Moist Heat For Knees, Ankles,Elbows

Microwave Activated Deep Penetrating Moist Heat
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