GREAT GRIPS-set of 2

  GREAT GRIPS-set of 2   $11.95
  Pack of 8 Great Grips  $38.95
"Great Grips are a godsend! I use them throughout my entire home." Marymae M., Colorado Springs, CO Round doorknobs can be awkward to turn for everyone, particularly for those with arthritis in their hands. Great Grips are a low cost and easy to put on solution. Simply moisten with water and stretch over knob. No tools required. Soft and latex free. Great Grips also eliminate static shock and work on faucets, as well as door knobs. The patented "mini lever" works so well, it complies with ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Also, good for homes where young children live or visit. Set of 2 $9.95 Set of 8 $34.95