Bionic Garden Gloves

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  Bionic - Large  $39.95 $29.95 On Sale!
  Bionic - X-Large  $39.95 $29.95 On Sale!
Bionic Garden Gloves Commended by The Arthritis Foundation . Improves grip strength by 50% . Flexible enough to pick up a penny . Layered anatomical padding adds comfort and flexibility Made of top grade Cabrella leather, they retain their flexibility even after getting wet. Breathable neoprene motion zones allow your hands natural flexibility with reduced perspiration. Finger tips are of reinforced silicon to retain flexibility while being very durable. A Velcro wrist closure makes them easy to put on and take off and keeps dirt off your hands. You'll enjoy gardening even more. They just feel good! To find your size, measure around your hands at knuckles. Small (7-7 3/4"), Medium (8-8 3/4"), Large (9-10 1/4", X-Large (10 3/4"-11 1/2")