Handy Bar

Price: $39.95
Provides Support For Safety Getting In and Out of your Car The award-winning Handybar is the result of 3 years of development, design and testing. Simply insert it into the existing door striker located on the inside of the carís door frame. Rotate it to lock, and it offers reliable support when getting in and out of your vehicle. The shaft is constructed of forged steel for superior strength, and the soft non-slip handle grip assures extra comfort. Works on driver and passenger side doors. Handybar is indispensable for those with back or leg problems, post-surgical patients, and anyone with physical challenges. As an extra benefit, the Handy Bar now has a built in Seat Belt Cutter and Side window Breaker. This enables occupants to get themselves out of their seat belt and/or car in the event of a crash. Handybar fits almost all 1993 or newer domestic and imported cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.