Dexterity Kit

Price: $16.95
Set includes: Folding Zipper Pull and Button Hook - Eliminates stress and frustration by pulling the button or zipper into postion. Folds to half length to fit easily into any pocket or purse Pen and Pencil Cushion - Designed in both shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip (3 per package) Spoon and Fork Holders - These portable, stylish holders fit onto virtually any style spoon or folk providng a secure, stress-free grip. (2 per package) Lamp Switch Enlarger - Our Enlarger fits right over the existing switch to provide an easy, stress-free grasp. No electrical connections required (2 per package) EZ Key Turner - These enlarged key holders let you turn keys with minimal effort. They come in differt colors to aid in lock/key indentification (3 per package)