EZ Grip ResQ Gel Pen

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The patented EZGrip ResQ Gel Pen immediately neutralizes many arthritis related hand difficulties. EZGrip uses a finger-comfort support ledge. The pen requires almost no pressure to hold or to write. All that’s needed is the touch of the first finger (or other finger). The EZ Grip allows the user to switch fingers or positions at any time. There is no incorrect way to hold the pen. Part of its success is due to its gel ink Because of its design and gel ink, it can write with only one ounce of pressure. Gel refills for the pen are widely available and manufactured by Parker and others. The pen has been commended by the Arthritis Foundation. Comments from users: “Wow, what a difference” “…easier, more comfortable than any pen I’ve ever used.” “ …can’t believe how comfortable it is to write.”