Visco-GEL Hammer Toe Crest

  12-20 Toe Cushion LRG/Right  $9.98
  12-20 Toe Cushion MED/Right  $9.98
  12-20 Toe Cushion SML/Left  $9.98
  12-20 Toe Cushion SML/Right  $9.98
Formally Prop R' Toes Cushion. Give yourself relief for arthritic, hammer or bent under toes! This gel eases pressure on toe tips and reduces stress on the metatarsal area. Gel slowly released medical-grade mineral oil to soften and moisturize skin. State size and right or left when ordering. Sizing: Small: women up to 7 ; Medium: women 8-10; men up to 9 ; Large: Women 10+, men 10+