Open It!

Price: $19.95
The Amazing Open It!
Put an end to struggling with opening packages, plastic packaging, annoying wire and zip ties.
The open it has been redesigned with a longer handle to provide additional leverage and make cutting even the most stubborn packages easier.
  • Newly Redesigned for easier use
  • cuts most materials easily
  • Includes a retracting razor knife built into the handle
This tool has been a bestseller and received more positive feedback for package opening than any other product we sell. 

Open plastic, cardboard, wire ties, twist ties.  OpenIT! cuts through just about any package material.  The newly redesigned tool has an ergonomic and improved handles for easier grip and more power.  The retractable box cutter blade is a safer alternative to utility knives that don't automatically retract. 

We keep one in the kitchen, one in the basement and one in the garage.  On gifting holidays the OpenIT! is the first item to appear!

OpenitA.jpg Openit1.jpg  Openit1.jpg  Openit1.jpg