Bathing Article

Bathing – Living Better in the Bathroom

Getting clean and helping you feel better are both two possible outcomes of bathing and showing. A twenty minute soak in the warm water of a bath or shower reduces stress, relaxes sore muscles and helps to heal them by bringing blood to the area of difficulty. Your pain can be reduced at the same time you are getting ready to go to work, heading out to a party or relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Bathing, though helpful, however, must also be done safely. A slip or fall in the bathtub or shower can be very hurtful and cause you additional problems such as broken bones and even concussions. A fall may leave you in the bathtub or shower stall for hours waiting for someone to find and help you.

Luckily, there are a number of products that can help you be safe and still get that therapeutic opportunity. Shower benches with and without a back can be used to sit on in the shower. They have sturdy rubber tips on each leg and can be adjusted to the proper height for each person so they can easily sit down and get up. Bath mats should be placed on the bottom of the tub to avoid slipping. A shower soap and shampoo dispenser can be placed on the wall at a height appropriate and easy to use for each individual. Either the security grab bar or the safety tub and shower bar can help steady you while showering and entering or exiting from the area. Hanging your Guardian 911 Call pendant near the tub can help you to call for help, if needed. The soaker’s delight is another product for the tub that allows the bather to soak in deeper than usual water.

A wonderful new product is the Bellavita Bath Lift. If you love tub baths but have been unable to get into or out of a tub easily or safely, this could be the answer. The lift lowers you into and out of the water (see the website to see a video demonstration), using rechargeable batteries and easy to use hand control.

Feel better, help reduce joint pain and help your body to heal! Best of all do it safely!

These are not the only products for use in the bathroom. For more information and product ideas for Living Better in the bathroom, click on article tab and see Bathroom.