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Ah, the joy of cooking and making those yummy meals, snacks, breakfasts and desserts for your family and friends. Youíve been known for your wonderful culinary talents. How frustrating, however, when arthritis makes it so you canít get the jar open or even carry in the groceries from the car. It can be equally disheartening when just the thought of peeling potatoes or apples, becomes overwhelming and perhaps even impossible. Itís the little things that can be frustrating can make the arthritis pain, achy joints, weak hands or limited range of motion of your shoulders, even more difficult. If these or other experiences are making the fun of cooking less enjoyable or even impossible, gadgets and kitchen helpers can make these tasks both fun and possible again.
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Opening items are always a challenge with sore hands. The Zim Jar Opener can be an amazing addition to you kitchen. Your friends will never know itís there waiting to help you, positioned under your cabinet for ease of use. Some people with arthritis are regular users of Mighty Gripper rubber pads. These not only open jars, they help open door handles and other items that ďslipĒ out of your hands. With jars taken care of, those tab cans or soda or soup are easy to open with the Can Claw. Cereal, cookie, pancake mix and cracker boxes are so much easier to open using a sharp knife or the Box Topper. Traditional electric can openers are always helpful, the Tornado Can Opener makes this even easier. The Easy Opener helps with soda bottle tops, boxes and tab cans. Ripping open plastic bags can be easier using Soft Touch Scissors. These wonderful helpers open by themselves and hand pressure is only needed to cut such items as potato chip or pretzel bags. The Open It product opens with ease by cutting hard to open items.
Other helpful items include the Good Grips Swivel Peeler works so well on the skins of carrots, potatoes and apples, youíll be done more quickly and your hands will hopefully feel less pain and fatigue during and after the process. The groceries can be carried in using light weight plastic bags or recycle carrying bags with the Easy Carry Handles. Pressing and holding the tiny hard to use spray can top for cooking spray (and spray paint) is easy to do with the Spray Can Handle. The Gopher Reacher helps get pots, pans or cans from the back of cabinets especially items in high or low cabinets. It also picks up easily whatever you drop, reducing your frustration. Of course, investing in expensive but desirable juicers, blenders and/or vegetable choppers/shredders of your choice can certainly be worthwhile purchasers. And though some cooks would prefer a light weight more inexpensive hand mixer, an expensive mixer can be a wonderful addition to those helpful kitchen appliances. Always keep safety in the kitchen. Keep your knives sharp. The wonderful Support Stool is a foot stool with a handle. This allows you to step on the stool and still hold onto the attached tall handles when reaching high items in cabinets or closets. With all the cooking you do for yourself and others, itís time to treat yourself, reduce your frustration and get back to doing the things you love to do in the kitchen!