My Arthritis Makes Me Feel So Guilty- Part 2

“My arthritis makes me feel so guilty” – Part II . In part one, I mentioned trying not to feel guilty when you are making decisions on actions related to your good self-care activities or the impact some of those decisions might have on your family. If it’s good for you, no doubt it will be good for everyone else to. Webster lists a second part for the definition of guilt. This states, that guilt (the verb) is a way of doing something to make (someone) feel guilty, as a way of motivating them. In this case, your family may use your feelings of guilt as a way of motivating you to do something for them, give them something, or perhaps do something the way they want you to do it. Yes, for sure, families and friends may say things that may have as a consequence you feeling guilty. The bad news is that we may be more vulnerable to being manipulated by others trying to get their way by making us feel guilty. The good news is that we have total control over this. We can either join their effort to use guilt to get us to do as they wish or we can decide we will not feel guilty and will make the best decision or take the best course of action, pushing guilt aside. Yes, guilt is a powerful motivator. It can help us not to doing illegal or hurtful or we can ignore and resist feeling guilty and do what’s right! It may be hard to realize how much guilt either motivates us or how much others try to use our feelings of guilt to manipulate us. Once you understand how you and others use guilt, however, it is liberating! Good luck! Wendy McBrair, MS, BSN