Pen again

Pen again

The PenAgain is an ergonomic writing device developed by Pacific Writing Instruments, Inc. It was designed to alleviate stress and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury while writing.
Y8 Pen again Aids For Arthritis Inc.

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Pen Again Most Comfortable Pen In Our History The Pen Again with its new, soft ergonomic grip, is the most comfortable pen we've tested in our many years in business and it improves writing legibility The pen is designed to fit your hand, reducing pain and stress on your joints. Its organic form contours to the hand's natural position when the hand is relaxed. The pen slides easily into your grip and serves as a perfect extension of your fingers. A new favorite of many with and without hand problems. Comes with 2 refills. Additional refills are also available (see below)

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Extra Pen Again RefillsSKU Y33$1.991.99
Y33 Extra Pen Again Refills Aids For Arthritis Inc.